3D origami vase tutorial (instruction)

Video description

Showing a detailed stepwise assembly 3D origami vase. In a vase, you can put a variety of different flowers made from pieces of origami. You can make a tulip, chamomile, cornflower, primula, primrose, lily and others.

Total number of pieces needed to make this vase is 1148 pieces. This means that our paper vase consists of more than 1000 pieces origami! Author's work!

Also our video with text (subtitles) is a great hobby (occupation) for the deaf or hard of hearing.

We need:

123 purple, 185 pink, 318 green, 522 white triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3D origami see here.

Making the first three rows of 42 white piece each. In detail see here

4th row is a sequence 4 purple, 3 light green

5th row is a sequence 3 purple, 4 light green

6th row: 2 purple, 5 light green

7th row: 1 purple, 6 light green

8th row: 1 pink, 6 light green

9th row: 2 pink, 5 light green

10th row: 3 pink, 4 light green

11th row: 4 pink, 3 light green

12th row: 5 pink, 2 light green .

Next row: green, white, 4 pink, white

14th row: 3 pink, 4 white

15th row: 2 pink, 5 white

16th row: 1 pink, 6 white

Then make a series of 3 white pieces

The lower part of the vase master class 3D origami flower vase ready!

then insert pieces long inside out

Making a series of 28 white

Next row: 28 purple

then make 2 rows of white pieces

Another row of light green

Then a row of: 3 pink, green

make a series of light green

And 2 rows of white

make a series of purple

and a number of white

Then make the top vase: tines consisting of 3 light green, 2 pink, 1 purple

3D origami flower vase ready!

And now you know how to make a vase of paper 3D origami. Use this video as a master class in the assembly of the vase.

Make a lot different flowers and fill by them vase. How to make flowers (lilies, daisies, tulips, cornflowers, etc.), refer to our video collection schemes build here

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